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Rated: K+
Language: English
Completed: 8/6/2013
Summary: Just what made Queen Ephenia ally herself with the Black Mage anyway? A little peak into the Fairy Queen's thoughts, especially on pesky time travellers. One-shot for YukiSkye's Challenge!
Reupload from FFn as backup

Queen Ephenia was angry and annoyed.

Another hunting party had come for her. Those pesky humans who wore the strangest armor and held strange weapons, kept coming into her nest and attacking her.

The humans had come and taken refuge in her forest. Her home. Not even asking for permission at all. They had no proper fighting power what so ever. She observed them from afar, watching as they tried to make a home where they had settled. Then they came. Humans from another time. She could sense the time magic that sent them into the forest. The strangest thing was the refugees thought that the time travelers were their missing companion, Kao. Were their memories so warped by the time gate nearby that they couldn't even truly remember the face of their ally?

It wasn't so bad at first. All they did was kill off some of the snails and boars. She could live with that. Then she found out that the Chao had been bested in its own territory. She got worried. What if those humans came after her and her subjects next?

Her fears came true. Many of her subjects had gone missing, and even though she could create more, she didn't want to loose the few that she had remaining. What sort of queen would she be if she didn't protect them? And when the numbers got too low, decided to take action.

The Black Mage had been doing quite well in the conquest of the Maple World. If Queen Ephenia wasn't careful, her kind was next. Thus, to ensure their kind's survival, she made an alliance with the Black Mage. She wasn't as stupid as the human loving elf queen Mercedes. She wouldn't risk the lives of her subjects for the sake of the fragile humans.

Then the settlers found out. That she, Queen Ephenia of the Fairies, had made a pact with the Black Mage. How, she didn't know. What she knew was that even more of her subjects went missing, and those time travellers had finally come to invade her home. What fools! Did they really think she would allow them into her domain without a fight?

At first, it hadn't been too hard to knock them out and send them back to the camp. A little seduce here and a bit of poison there and they were out like light. Then they got stronger. It got harder to defeat them, and for the first time in her life, Queen Ephenia had been defeated. Had been defeated, but would not just give up after one loss.

It became a cycle. Queen Ephenia would destroy the time travellers if they were weaker, and then they got stronger and defeated her. Again and again, a never-ending loop. At least she had some reprieve once in a while to replenish her energy and her forces.

Queen Ephenia knew what she would get into when she allied herself with the Black Mage. She knew that her people would die at the hands of those settlers if they wished to colonise the forest. So she made a choice that she felt was right, and stood by the decision. And as she shot fire and lightning at the latest group of time travellers, one thought stood out amongst all others in her mind:

I will fight to defend my people AND my home, no matter what the cost!


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